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Final graduation project for the MA Sustainable Design course, at the University of Brighton.

Before Tomorrow is a magazine, provoking reflective thinking on consumer culture, our dominant value system and ways of living. Today we still have the possibility to change what will happen tomorrow, knowing already what we did yesterday.

Before Tomorrow is a collection of articles, stories and artwork which aim to enhance reflection on our society and ways of living. It looks into a culture that is dominated by economic growth, media, and a strive for material wealth; demonstrating its expansion to a prevalent almost worldwide paradigm and its destructive impact on the planet and nature.
Before Tomorrow discloses a status quo of our lives: where we came from, where we are, and it considers what can happen next or what we can „make“ happen next. Today we still have the possibility to change what will happen tomorrow, knowing already what we did yesterday.

This magazine arose from a one year journey into the complex subject of „sustainability“ and design. It is the outcome of one year postgraduate studies at the University of Brighton, UK, my local understanding, my experiences, my heritage and my culture. I was born in communistic Poland, raised in western Germany and I feel at home all over the wolrd. My ideas are fed by diverse knowledge, ideas, by literature, media, art, friends, conversations, coincidences and life.

By telling my stories and my views I want to inspire rather than convince. I want to showchange in a delicate way, by describing possible solutions which can be adapted by any one of us, however collectively they would have a possible impact on how the world will continue. None of those solutions are fixed or dogmatic, like the problem itself, and there is no „one“ answer to fix the world, but many little ones. Everyone will perceive my ideas differently, people read stories in their own context and some will be concerned, some others not.
I want to put my opinion out there, and I am not alone with it. Over this year I collected information from many different sources: literature, articles, talks, movies, documentaries.

I engaged with a diversity of disciplines: economy, ecology, philosophy, sociology, psychology, design, and politics. And I exchanged knowledge with colleagues, friends, family, guests I served in a pub, random people on the street. We know more than we think we know, and that is wonderful, we are just not sharing enough. Sometimes we just need to start telling our stories and we pick up a new idea. This is not an alarming interjection of how bad we are and what we are doing wrong, more a creative approach to imagine a different future, different to the future we are heading towards at full speed.

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