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The MicroRoom is settled between design and art. It takes up a common problem of our postmodern society: The alienation of time. Why are we constantly running out of time? Are we living in an accelerated society or is it our personal feeling? I laid my focus on the individual and his personal alienation of time, as well as I dealt with the main causes: Globalization, the definition of time and our society, in order to understand the reasons and to get to a solution. Eventually, this project tries to draw attention to the fact of »slowing down«, as it wants to encourage to withdraw from all time-dependent activities. The result is a small portable room, settled between a holiday house for the urban environment and a movable meditation space. It has enough space to lay down, read, meditate or think. It is foldable, and small enough to take it to a favourite place. Eventually, it is a time capsule for us and a symbol against our accelerated society and life.

The work contains: The 1:3 scale-model to show the function of the object and how it folds, 6 issues of the accompanying booklet, 2 posters and a project-accompanying filmlet.